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Home Office Decreed Stringent Deadlines for £1 Million and Government Bond Investors


In the recent years, the UK authorities have tightened the immigration rules not only for EU citizens but also for foreign non-EU investors.


In 2014, the qualifying investment doubled setting investors back at £2 million instead of £1 million. Those applicants who previously transferred £1 million in investments can still prolong their stay in the UK and apply for ILR. That said, the Home Office has announced strict deadlines for these applications


£1 million investors must request an extension before April 6, 2020, and apply for ILR before April 6, 2022. If they fail to do so, they’ll have to top up their investment to £2 million.


Besides, the UK authorities decided to remove government bonds from the qualifying assets for Tier 1 Investor visa. As a result, those who invested in government bonds also need to act under the new deadlines: April 6, 2023 for extension and April 6, 2025 for ILR.


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