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Great Britain becomes a safe haven for Russian billionaires amidst Pandemic


The United Kingdom has been the most popular destination for Russian billionaires during the Coronavirus lockdown. According to Forbes eight billionaires from Russia have chosen to wait out the relaxation of Pandemic restrictions in Great Britain. 


These include Michael Fridman (Alfa Group, LetterOne), Oleg Tinkov and Vyacheslav Kantor amongst others. 


London is a prestigious destination for wealthy Russians even amongst political tensions between the two countries. Russian high net worth individuals often invest in British real estate, establishing second homes and educating their children in the UK. 


Some investors select British Tier 1 Investor Visas as a UK settlement option, with others choosing the Cyprus Citizenship Through Investment Program that enables applicants to become a Citizen of Cyprus (EU) within six months, enabling them to relocate to the UK before the end of the Brexit transition period.


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