Global Mobility & Lifelong Crisis Protection: Special Offer


A short while ago, we could not have foreseen Covid-19 and its severe and sustained spread across Asia and Europe. 


Whilst Europe slowly emerges from lockdown and begins lifting restrictions, future waves of epidemic outbreaks have become the new reality.


This is a new world where overnight, travel restrictions may be implemented, flights grounded and borders closed. The freedom of having a haven to which you can escape immediately has become more valuable than ever, and it is second citizenship that makes such flexibility possible. 


International real estate qualifying for second citizenship or residency status has become the smartest investment possible. Such an asset puts family safety as the highest priority and affords options that no amount of financing can secure when a crisis hits. Property investment not only secures a lucrative investment in high-profile developments but also provides the right to relocate to an alternative country without border limitations.



How to choose a country as your second place of residence?


European states remain a prime choice with their established healthcare systems and the ability to respond effectively to medical emergencies. Investors also look for high standards of living, excellent education, pleasant climates and convenient facilities to make an alternative home a place of comfort. 


A residency permit or EU citizenship provides extended global mobility, even throughout movement restrictions within the Schengen zone.




Cyprus: Best location for quarantine relocation



Residency with property investment from €300,000

Citizenship with investments from €2m 



Cyprus has remained one of the SAFEST countries throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.


Cyprus has already begun lifting restrictions to return to its normal vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle. Swift quarantine measures and efficient health care has allowed Cyprus to become a haven during difficult times. Owning luxury real estate here is a prestigious asset, along with sea views, relaxed living and access to outstanding infrastructure, Cyprus real estate enjoys high potential rental yields, making it an alternative income stream when not in residence. 


Investing €2m in Cyprus real estate qualifies investors and their families to citizenship, available in just 6 months. A Cypriot passport enjoys visa-free access to over 173 countries, including the EU and UK. Residency may be secured for a €300,000 investment.


View Astons’ unique property offers and contact us to arrange virtual property tours and a free Cyprus Citizenship consultation today. All listed offers have competitive prices and high ROI potential, exclusive to our clients. 


Client Case: Client A is a UK resident who invested in Cyprus citizenship to relocate to the UK with his family. In mid-March, as British lockdown measures were implemented, he relocated to his Cypriot villa. The family remained in situ safety throughout quarantine and will remain for an unlimited time with the option to return at their discretion. Client Also chose to relocate his elderly parents to Cyprus to protect them from the virus, according to the citizenship rules that include family members.



Greece and Turkey: Seaside living with alternative residence/citizenship 


€250,000 Property Purchase in Greece – Residency in 2 months

$250,000 Property Purchase in Turkey - Citizenship in 2 months



Greek residency via real estate investment secures visa-free travel to the EU and the right to reside in Greece regardless of quarantine border closures.


Turkish citizenship, comparable in minimum investment threshold to the Greek program, also offers secure and safe living. Another lucrative benefit is the ability to relocate to the UK under a Turkish businessperson visa. This creates a simple UK relocation route through the Ankara agreement (link), with quarantine being an ideal time to begin the process.  



Both countries coped well with the coronavirus pandemic thanks to well-established healthcare systems and timely measures, now gradually removing restrictions to return to normal life


Client Case: Client B invested in property in a resort destination to provide income for future family generations, through property rental income and potential future resale. Having consulted with Astons, Client B opted for Greece to invest in a new-build fully furnished coastal villa with high ROI. This also qualified Client B's whole family for the residency program.


When Client B's home country restricted the right to leave, he relocated to his villa to wait out the pandemic in more comfort. This was possible with the exceptions made for residency and citizenship holders to travel.


Caribbean: Global Mobility in a Safe Haven with an Exotic Twist


Property Offers from $200,000 & Passport in just 2 months




Saint Kitts & Nevis and Dominica offer fast remote citizenship application processing via their real estate investment route. The island states are popular as tourist resorts among residents of the United States and Mexico and can also provide a safe home during a global quarantine.


As Caribbean passport holders escape the pandemic to safer climes with their families, now it is high time to protect yours. Discover our best real estate offers and contact the Astons experts for urgent assistance.


Client Case: Client C holds an alternative Dominica citizenship, and was able to leave his country of origin despite closed borders, within the exceptions offered for foreign nationals. This Dominica citizenship enabled him to reunite with his family abroad. 



Astons – Immediate Access to Future Safety


We are a leading investment immigration law firm with extensive experience in all aspects of residency/citizenship and global property acquisition with the capacity to manage urgent cases.


In a climate of ever-changing migration rules and procedures, our experts remain at the forefront of the field in adapting rapidly to such changes as they occur.


In line with a global movement towards remote application processing, Astons offers full support from the initial consultation through to property and citizenship acquisition. Our remote application processing option is fast and enables you to obtain your second passport without leaving home.


With offices in Limassol, UK, Dubai, Beijing and Moscow we are always ready, willing and able to offer expert advice and support with your alternative Citizenship and Property Acquisition whenever you need us the most.