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Free Property Viewing Tour in Cyprus – Real estate investment that brings you an EU passport in just 180 days. Your quick path to Europe starts from Astons Limassol.

Looking to buy a property in Cyprus? Whether it’s a gateway to European citizenship, or for high profile real estate projects to skyrocket your investments, meet Astons’ team this September in Cyprus and discover top-rated properties to fit your requirements with no obligation to purchase! 



Which dates to save?


3rd week of September (16th – 22nd September) - Receive a warm welcome from the Astons Limassol team. We will meet you on arrival at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation for the tour duration, with all travel expenses covered by us, including transfer and an exclusive dinner with Astons Leading Advisers. 


Why take a viewing tour?


1. All-in-one - You will learn everything about Cyprus property and citizenship acquisition directly from the source, without any intermediaries involved. Covering the most appealing areas to invest in, you’ll gain expert insights on Cyprus’ property market and the most secure investment projects, as well as receiving full guidance on Cyprus citizenship acquisition.

2. Completely independent property check. View the properties in real life, not just images from the digital world. Unlike developers, we are not restricted to a set of projects - we will show you the most secure and attractive projects, including residential and commercial projects and resale market opportunities, that trusted developers vouch for.

3. One visit to cover all. Instant processing of property purchase and citizenship application if you decide to proceed. Our Limassol team will arrange all the legal work and necessary due diligence checks and assist you with your biometrics submission so you can progress through the formalities without any additional trips.

Sounds appealing? All we ask for is 5 dedicated days of your time and a fully refundable deposit of €5,000. The deposit will act as confirmation of your interest in the offer and is fully refundable if no purchase is made.


What is included in the Viewing Tour?


Aside from a very warm welcome, Astons Limassol will provide the following services free of charge: 

1. Cyprus airport transfers.

2. Site and property viewings - discover the best real estate and commercial projects in Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia-Napa.

3. Free consultation with our Senior Property Advisers to assess your needs and requirements. This can be done before arrival so you receive your own properties shortlist.

4. Free consultation with an Immigration Lawyer based in Cyprus for any questions regarding citizenship acquisition and documentation.

5. Free consultation with a Tax Adviser on tax optimisation and wealth preservation opportunities when acquiring Cypriot citizenship. 

6.An exclusive dinner with Astons’ expert professionals for informal networking.

Registration is limited - Book your place today and start your journey towards Cyprus property and citizenship acquisition this September. A deposit of €5,000 is required to secure your place.


Let us do the work that we are trained to do:


Astons - your one-stop for property and citizenship acquisition in Cyprus, efficiently managed by top professionals in the industry. Our tailor-made citizenship package includes:

1. Property search and acquisition: from smaller residential properties to high-value luxurious developments, we select only the most lucrative properties for you to invest in.

2. Property checks: clients can invest with total confidence that Astons completes thorough checks in all our developments.

3. Price negotiations: we protect clients’ communication with developers and strive to negotiate a lower price based on expert knowledge of the Cyprus property market.

4. Citizenship application submission: we oversee the entire document preparation process for application submission along with complete support right up to the moment citizenship is granted.

5. Optional assistance with UK relocation: If the UK is your target destination, we’ll be happy to assist you with your UK residency application once you acquire your Cyprus passport.

With Astons, acquiring Cypriot citizenship is a hassle-free and straightforward process. We leave no stone unturned so you can relax in the knowledge that your application is being handled by expert professionals.


Why choose property in Cyprus?


1. Solid investment with regular rental Income and high return on investment.

2. Fast-track route to settling in the EU & UK - Cyprus citizenship through purchase of real estate.

3. The domestic economy is on the rise due to many factors, including the recent discovery of natural gas, the high volume of tourists, new developments such as the Casino Resort which will attract even more HNW audiences to the island, and emerging growth in the shipping industry.

4. Mild climate, beautiful scenery and beaches with 320 days a year of sunshine.

5. English language is widely spoken.

6. Safe and secure environment.

It's time to start arranging your trip. Contact us today and enquire about the properties shortlist based on your specific requirements!

Don’t forget to bring your passport, driving license and a utility bill with you to Cyprus! 


Any questions? Feel free to consult with Astons!

Astons is a leading global immigration advisory firm with offices in London, Moscow, Dubai, Cyprus and China and offers residency & citizenship investment solutions in the UK,  EU & the Caribbean

For further information or to discuss your personal circumstances in a private consultation, please contact Astons at or call +44 207 292 2977.