Cyprus Confident in Coronavirus-free Holidays: Compensation for Travellers Tested Positive


The government of Cyprus has pledged to compensate all holiday costs, including accommodation, medicine, and food, to any tourist who tests positive for Coronavirus after travelling to the country. 


Tourists, should they be unfortunate enough to contract the virus, will only bear the costs of travel, the BBC reports. This measure is a part of the stimulus package introduced to help restore the Cyprus economy amidst the pandemic. The Cypriot government are keen to demonstrate their confidence that travellers to the country are safe from Coronavirus.


Cyprus remains one of the most secure countries in Europe in terms of Coronavirus infection. According to Johns Hopkins University data, there were fewer than 1,000 cases in Cyprus with a total of 17 deaths.


From 9th June, Cyprus will reopen its airports for visitors from low-risk countries, including Malta, Germany, Israel, Lithuania and others. Cyprus plans to allow visitors from Russia and Great Britain in July. 


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