Cyprus Authorities Refute Al Jazeerа’s Libel : All Passports Were Issued Legally


The Cypriot authorities repelled the accusations made by the Al Jazeerа channel. In its smear campaign earlier, the channel announced that the Government of Cyprus granted citizenship to foreign investors charged with unlawful activities. Al Jazeerа reporters conjectured that almost 40% of all foreign passport holders of Cyprus are Russian nationals.  


The Cypriot Ministry of the Inferior rebutted the false information provided by the TV channel.


“On the occasion of publications in the international mass media which suggest unreliability of some applicants, we’d like to clarify that all participants who obtained their passports within the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment programme were law-abiding applicants and successfully passed all required assessments,” reported the Ministry.   


According to the experts, Cyprus’s investment migration programme is one of the most popular routes for a second citizenship. The passport of Cyprus unlocks 173 countries for visa-free entry, including the EU and the UK. Cypriot citizenship allows its holders to live, work and study in any EU country - and also relocate to the UK with the goal of obtaining the British residency and citizenship. 


When making a decision on the candidates’ naturalisation, the Cypriot Ministry of the Interior carefully studies all submitted applications. To go through the entire immigration process and successfully obtain the citizenship, contact experienced lawyers at the international company Astons. Due to meticulous document checkups, the Astons clients can rest assured in the guaranteed result. 


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