Cyprus 2nd in EU in 2017 for Per Capita Residence Permits

EU First Residency Permits Increase 4% in 2017


The number of people receiving first residency permits for EU countries was up 4% in 2017 to a total of 3.1 million. As a proportion of their population, Malta came in first with 23 permits per thousand of population. Cyprus was close behind that with 22 permits per one thousand followed by Poland and Sweden at 18 and 13, respectively. Overall the EU averaged six first residence permits per thousand.


In terms of total numbers of permits, Poland led with 683,000, accounting for 22% of all the EU first residency permits issued. Poland was followed by Germany with 535,000, the UK with 517,00, and France with 250,000.


The leading reasons for the residency permits varied by country. In eleven Member States employment was sited as the most common reason and ten Member States issued more permits based on family reasons. Education was the most popular reason in three Member States.


Of the 18,971 resident permits issued by Cyprus in 2017, citizens of India made up 24.8%, Russian citizens accounted for 15.2%, and residents of Nepal were 7.4%.


The data on first residency permits was released by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.


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