Caribbean & Cyprus Citizenship tops the FT's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Index ranking

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment tops the Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times' Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Index rankings, with Cyprus topping the EU CBI program rankings for best Citizenship by Investment programs.

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Caribbean Citizenship by Investment tops the Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times' Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Index rankings, with Cyprus topping the EU CBI program rankings for  best Citizenship by Investment programs.

Citizenship by Investment grants the applicant citizenship on an expedited basis, in return for an inward direct foreign investment into the country, making a substantial contribution into the country’s economy.


Immigrant investor programs usually set multiple qualifying criteria that must be met, for the qualifying investment often pertaining to job creation, real estate purchase or non-refundable government contributions. With most programs being structured to ensure that the investment contributes to the welfare, advancement and economic development of the country in which they wish to reside or become a citizen of.


Global citizenship has become big business over the recent years with the global elite, due to the rise of political isolationism, geopolitical instability, and as more countries are tightening their immigration borders, Citizenship by Investment has seen exponential growth, with investors wanting a plan B, an insurance option, to protect their family, and preserve their wealth.


Investors have been exposed to a plethora of choice in CBI programs, with over 24 countries now offering some form of citizenship or residency by investment from Europe, to Asia and the Caribbean, and new programs continually in the making such as Montenegro, Georgia and Kazakhstan.


Wealthy individual may choose CBI for various reasons including enhancement of mobility from perhaps politically isolated countries, or those with threat of war or sanctions, or countries whose passports offer very limited abilities to travel, such as Russia, China and UAE, individuals who are fed up of laborious visa applications perhaps, or simply those who want the best education prospects for their children, highest quality of living and lifestyle choices, most favourable tax optimisation options, asset and investment planning opportunities and the effective structuring and preserving of their wealth.


For whatever the reason, with so much choice, how can an investor be assured that they are making the right decision, with their often sizeable investment?


Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management, have researched an independent CBI Index with their evaluation of the best citizenship by investment options. The rankings are based on specific program factors known as ‘The seven pillars’, including:


  • Freedom of movement
  • Standard of living
  • Minimum investment outlay
  • Mandatory travel or residence
  • Citizenship timeline
  • Ease of processing
  • Due diligence


The Caribbean programs ranked in the top five with Dominica being one of the longest standing citizenship programs and the most cost-effective with the contribution of only $100, 000 USD and one of the quickest processing times of only 3-4 months, with St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, and St. Lucia following suite with interesting citizenship investment options.


Cyprus heads the EU citizenship programs with a minimum investment of €2 Million, with the best rankings based on attractive travel and residency requirements with only 180 days prior to Cyprus passport being issued, ahead of Malta and other EU programs, albeit a larger investment, still very attractive with the highly valued EU freedoms to live, work, study and travel visa free to any EU country.


For further information about the independent CBI Index rankings or to download the report visit Financial Times' Private Wealth Management CBI Index.


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