Boris Johnson Proposed Immigration Preferences for Doctors and Nurses


The British PM voiced a proposal to reduce visa costs and speed up decisions for potential National Healthcare System staff as part of the new points-based system. People planning to work in the NHS will be given more points.


Johnson claimed the new NHS visa would cost £464 after Brexit and the decision would be made within a fortnight. Besides, applicants would be able to pay back the immigration health surcharge from their salary.


Home secretary Priti Patel said these measures go along with the Australian-style points-based system. The government thus manages to curb the numbers while welcoming vital professionals.


The announcement was met with mixed feelings. Some industry insiders believe that the underlying issue is, in fact, the NHS’s inability to train enough nurses locally, hence the necessity to hire them from overseas. Many believe that applying the healthcare surcharge to medical personnel is at the very least contradictory.


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