Astons’ Theo Andreou Explained the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme for Sky News International


In a live interview with Sky News, Director at Astons Cyprus Theo Andreou unveiled the basics of the popular investment migration programme of Cyprus.



In the times of pandemic, affluent individuals seek for second passports to ensure greater mobility. The Cypriot passport stands proud among the most powerful passports that can be obtained through investment. At a minimum of 2,200,000 EUR, HNWIs can become Cypriot citizens and gain visa-free access to 173 countries, including the EU and the UK.


Mr. Andreou noted that the passport processing times may have increased by a couple months due to the pandemic and huge demand. It’s key to contact an authorised immigration agent, such as Astons, the sooner the better to obtain the passport in a timely fashion. On average, Astons helps applicants get a Cypriot passport within 180 days. 



Candidates may choose to invest into property or existing businesses. For instance, the programme is highly popular among Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern investors willing to secure EU citizenship and, potentially, make profits on luxury property rentals.


Theo Andreou also commented that the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme had gained positive feedback from the locals as it helped create a host of new jobs in construction, the service sector and beyond. Given the robust KYC procedures in place, Cyprus is a streamlined CBI provider with the community’s and investors’ best interests in mind.


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