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Astons in Association with QWOS Servicing the Needs of Asia

With UK Investor Visas & Citizenship by Investment programs and strengthening their market share in China.

Astons in association with QWOS Curtain Unveiling Ceremony of London Office Launch

Astons is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Qiaowai (Chiaowi) or otherwise known as QWOS, one of the largest investor immigration firms in China with the largest Chinese market share, as its UK partner, and location where Qiaowai’s new London office has been established.


"Qiaowai launched their London Branch on 24 May 2018, in Mayfair, London with a lavished curtain unveiling ceremony, where Astons welcomed and congratulated Qiaowai on their next phase of growth and are delighted to be selected as their chosen partner.  


As China’s first immigration firm to introduce US Investor Immigration programs in 2004, Qiaowai mastered the success of providing EB5 investor immigration programs to the Chinese market, and have built a sterling reputation, which extends as far as representing and collaborating with Donald Trump’s brother in law and Senior Advisor Jared Kushner, an American Investor and Realtor developer with U.S realty investments. During the last decade, QWOS has assisted over 7,000 Chinese families in realizing their "American Dream", whilst creating nearly ten thousand job opportunities in the USA, establishing the industry record for successive 3-day filing and 9-day express approval tracking. QWOS is recognised around the globe for being the only organization to achieve full repayment for 21 groups of U.S. Immigrant Investor programs. QWOS accounts for 33% of the U.S. investor immigration program market share in China, and 17% of the global investor immigration market share globally. 


As a leading investor immigration firm, Astons offers global Residence & Citizenship solutions and Private Client services to HNWIs, assisting them with legal case management and advice, and guiding them in making the right choice for their investor immigration needs and wealth structuring through their private client and family office services.


Astons has over 30 years of investor immigration expertise, and has their headquarters in London, with other offices worldwide including in Beijing, Moscow, and Dubai.


Astons aims to provide investor immigration solutions of the highest quality and service with their multi-cultural large scale Chinese Immigration team, continuing to serve the needs of Chinese and foreign investors alike, maintaining the strong reputation of Qiaowai with a vision for growth, in China, by facilitating all UK Tier 1 visa enquiries.


The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program has also proved to be one of the most attractive investor programs in the world for Chinese investors as stated by Director of Astons, Arthur Sarkisian, for those who are interested in real estate investment opportunities and the quickest route to receiving a Cyprus passport in only 180 days. Chinese nationals can become an EU citizen, with the freedom for applicants and their entire family to live, work, invest and study in any European country including the UK, Germany, France or any other EU member state. The program is renowned for its simple process with no language or medical testing and is available to entire family including parents. It also boasts one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the world of only 12.5% and visa free access to over 159 countries worldwide including the UK, making the program a preferred choice for Chinese investors.


Another program of huge interest to Astons Chinese clients, is the Dominica citizenship program. With as little as USD 100,000 as a government contribution or a real estate investment of only USD 300,000 an investor can gain a Dominica passport in only 3-4 months, giving them visa free access to over 130 countries worldwide, including the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and the EU.


All the above Astons investor programs rank highly with Chinese investors, as they provide opportunities for high standards of living, investment, education, favourable corporation tax, welfare and convenience of visa free travel, and also as confirmed in the Immigration and the Chinese HNWIs 2018 Report.

Astons continues to assist and support thousands of families to fulfil their dreams of relocating to the UK, studying in UK’s top rated Universities, entrepreneur investment opportunities and migration and settlement in the UK, matching the level of service and pace required by the Qiaowai giant in servicing Asia’s investor immigration needs.


For further information on global residence or citizenship programs, relocation to the UK or structuring your wealth, contact Astons at or call us at +44207 292 2977 to speak to the immigration team, or a Chinese immigration expert.

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