Apply Without Delay: Get a Cypriot Passport Promptly to Relocate to the UK


The investment migration experts at Astons answer a popular question: how to relocate to the UK with a Cypriot citizenship and why do so before Brexit becomes final in 2022? 


I’ve been thinking of relocating to the UK and I heard it’s possible with Cypriot citizenship. Is this true? 


Yes. Holders of the Cypriot passport have a right to live, work and study in the UK. Citizenship of an EU member state Cyprus will enable you not only to relocate to the UK but also apply for the British residency and citizenship, in five and six years respectively.


Is this easier than immigrating to the UK with an investor visa?


Much easier. The problem is that the UK immigration rules are very complicated and contradictory. Also, they often change based on the political situation in the country. In practice, the Cypriot citizenship is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to relocate to the UK.  


Will I have to wait long before I can relocate to the UK with a Cypriot passport?


You won’t have to wait at all: you can relocate to the UK right away - before you get a passport of Cyprus. The Astons lawyers will help you get a tourist visa so you can enter the UK. After that, our specialists will help you apply for the Cypriot passport that enables you to live in the UK on a permanent basis. 


Great, but Cyprus is in the EU. Won’t Brexit prevent me from living in the UK with a Cypriot passport


No, it won’t. According to the Home Office rules of EU citizens registration in the UK, if you enter the country before 2022 you will just need to register online (the Astons experts will help you with that). Once you register, the countdown starts: five years before you can apply for the British residency (Indefinite Leave to Remain) and six years before you can request citizenship. 


Most likely, citizens of Cyprus will be able to register in the UK in the same easy manner even after 2022. A former British colony, Cyprus is a member of the British Commonwealth and has stronger connections with the UK than any other European country.  


That said, we advise you not to delay your decision regarding the Cypriot passport. We recommend you to apply for Cypriot citizenship before Brexit comes into force as the ‘transition period’ rules may change. 


What’s with the Brexit ‘transition period’?  


The UK authorities announced that they would introduce a Brexit ‘transition period’ in effect until December 31, 2020. After winning the election, the Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson stated that this date would not be extended. 


Naturally, you’ll be able to receive a passport of Cyprus even after the ‘transition period’ is over. That said, if you plan on relocating to the UK, we recommend that you start the immigration process the sooner the better.


In practice, any immigration reform leads to tightening the rules and/or raising the investment minimum. If only because the British Prime Minister plans to further toughen the immigration laws and boost control over the number of migrants living in the UK. 


Now I see. How is the Cypriot passport processed? Will I have to go to Cyprus? 


Yes, but only once. You will need to provide biometric data (required for Cypriot residency and citizenship) and make the investment. This trip to Cyprus will take two to five days. All the rest can be done remotely. 


Don’t worry: the Astons experts will guide you through the entire immigration process. We’ll help you choose the property that fits your interests and needs, arrange a property tour and engage with independent lawyers to double check the sale-purchase transaction. Remember that the Cypriot citizenship doesn’t require physical residence in the country - neither before nor after getting the passport.  


How long will it take to process a passport of Cyprus? 


The entire Cypriot citizenship process is fast and straightforward: you will get your passport in 180–220 days. (You will receive the residence permit in one week after applying for citizenship.) 


If you immigrate with the family, you will need slightly more time (12–14 months instead of 6–8). That’s why we advise you to apply right away. This specifically applies to investors who leverage the Cypriot citizenship to relocate to the UK with children. 


Can I include children of majority age into the application?


If all requirements are met, you’ll be able to arrange passports for your grown-up children under 28 years old.


The Cypriot immigration programme professes an extended definition of family. As a main applicant, you can include into your passport application your spouse, underage children, financially dependent children under 28 y.o. and parents older than 65 years old.


Note! Children born to Cypriot citizens are, by default, citizens of Cyprus wherever they were born.


I know there are multiple ways to arrange a Cypriot passport through investment. Which option is the most efficient?


You may choose an option that best fits your interests. The Astons experts will analyse your requirements and develop a custom investment strategy for your circumstances.


Generally, foreign investors purchase residential property as a qualifying investment for the Cypriot citizenship. Some clients purchase luxury villas and houses to live with the family - on a holiday or on a permanent basis. Others are planning to yield significant returns from renting out the property.


Some clients invest into commercial property or actively developed projects with high potential ROI. Five years after you receive a passport of Cyprus, you’ll be able to exit the investment (our specialists will help you develop a handy exit plan).


In any case, the Cypriot real estate market is experiencing a boom: the number of sale-purchase transactions has soared by almost 25%. It’s worth noting that more than a third of all transactions account for Limassol property. The most demanded properties are apartments as well as luxury and boutique hotels at the beachfront.


Good. How much will I need to invest? 


According to the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment Programme, you may choose one of the following options: 


  • Invest €2 million in the Cypriot real estate (held for five years) and make a donation of  €150 000 (€75 000 to the Research Promotion Fund and  €75 000 to the Land Development Corporation). 


  • Make a combined investment: €2.5 million into residential and commercial property, securities and business, as well as €150,000 as a donation.


With the Cypriot passport, I won’t have to worry about visas ahead of business trips. Is that right?  


Absolutely. The Cypriot citizenship will allow you to travel to 173 countries without a visa. The Cypriot passport unlocks an opportunity to relocate to the UK and any EU country where you can live, study and work.


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