Affluent Citizens Are Willing to Pay for Permanent Access to COVID-Free Places



  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT € 2,150,000


New Zealand is one of very few countries that beat the Coronavirus. For this and other reasons, investors are interested in the country as a safe haven away from the global plague. The right to reside, work and study in New Zealand will set you back at $2 million - and many believe it’s worth every penny.


Investor migrants may resort to the country’s residency and citizenship programmes facilitated by local and global agencies. Based on the class of visa, the investment would be between NZ$3 million ($2 million) and NZ$10 million. For the sake of comparison, it would take $1.4 million to get Maltese citizenship for one main applicant and their spouse.


The number of requests soared by almost 50% in Q1 2020 year-over-year. The number of candidates taking it to the next level grew by over 20%.


Whereas the Caribbean region provides great opportunities for relaxed self-isolation, Australia and New Zealand have proven efficient in fighting COVID-19. A destination country’s COVID handling policy is now becoming one of the key factors when choosing a second citizenship. 


That said, even the richest citizens can’t avoid quarantines and travel restrictions. Arranging a second passport may take longer than in the pre-COVID times, so it makes sense to start as early as possible.


The most popular options at this point are the Cypriot and Carribean programmes. The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Cyprus entails a minimum investment of €2,150,000, yet with the perks of owning realty in the most developed tourist destination, COVID or not. The Cypriot programme unlocks you visa-free access to 173 countries including the EU and the UK.


As an option, you can get a passport from one of the Caribbean countries with an investment starting from $100,000. That would save you time with a fast track process - up to 60 days. You also get visa-free travel worldwide and no physical residence requirements. 


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