5 Reasons to Buy a Cyprus Villa. Spoiler: Obtain EU Citizenship for the Entire Family



  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT € 2,200,000


According to the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, you can obtain a passport of Cyprus by purchasing local property. Investment migration experts of Astons share the key benefits of buying real estate in this country. 


1. Invest in Cypriot property and unlock visa-free travel globally


The citizenship of Cyprus allows you to cross the borders of 173 countries without a visa, including the EU and the UK. You will get a right to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU countries according to your choice. 


2. Purchase Cypriot property and relocate to the UK


The passport of Cyprus enables you to relocate to the UK and then, if all the immigration requirements are met, apply for the British residency (in five years) and citizenship (in six years). Since Cyprus is a member of the British Commonwealth and has strong ties with the UK, this opportunity will remain in place even after Brexit. 


3. Purchase property in Cyprus and obtain passports for the entire family


CBI of Cyprus allows main applicants to obtain citizenship for their family members: spouse, financially dependent children under 28 and parents. The citizenship of Cyprus is given for life and it can be passed on by inheritance. 


4. Purchase property in Cyprus and become a EU citizen in just 180 days


After you apply for the Cypriot citizenship, you will receive the passport of this EU country in 180 - 220 days (whereas you’ll get a residence permit in just one week). Astons’ experienced lawyers will guide you through the entire immigration process and help you achieve the guaranteed result.   


5. Invest into Cypriot property and make a profit


The most popular option to obtain a Cypriot passport is by investing €2,000,000 in residential property (and make a non-refundable donation of €150,000). The rules of this immigration programme allow you to exit the investment in five years - given that you’ll remain a proprietor of Cypriot residential property valued at €500,000 onwards.


Most often, foreign applicants invest in villas, apartments and seaside resorts that can be let for rent and sold at a good price later on. According to expert estimates, most sale-purchase deals account for Limassol properties, and the rent profits range between 4.7 and 5.6 percent. 


Choosing the property


1. Limassol: apartments with two or three bedrooms or a rooftop penthouse with a private pool. Price: from $377,292.



A dwelling in a tourist (and high-yield) neighbourhood of Limassol, just 150 metres away from the beach. Nearby you can find an eucalyptus park, restaurants, boutiques and local sights.


2. Limassol: three bedroom apartments in the city centre. Cost: from $503,880.



Designer-made apartments with verandas, terraces, a rooftop garden and spectacular views of the city and Akrotiri Bay. 


3. Protaras: a detached villa with a pool. Cost: $776,111.



An ideal three bedroom house in a resort. A great fit for everyone who wants to spend family time by the sea or get robust profits from rent.


4. Ayia Napa: a three bedroom villa within a walking distance from the sea. Cost: $1,379,999.



A luxury house on the hills with a breathtaking view of Ayia Napa - from the balcony and rooftop terrace.


5. Limassol: a five bedroom villa in a tourist neighbourhood of Limassol. Cost: $2,212,600.



A rooftop garden - perfect for barbecues - in a cosy beautiful house at the seafront - just a dream came true. 


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