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Sponsor Compliance VisitsSponsor Compliance VisitsSponsor Compliance Visits

Sponsor Compliance Visits

  • Mock Immigration Audit
  • Compliance Checks: UK Business Premises
  • Preparation: UKVI Compliance Checks


Sponsor License holders will receive Home Office compliance visits during the License period. Such visits are to validate the information provided in the Sponsorship License Application. Visits are also required in order to verify the ability to provide ongoing compliance with the requirements and responsibilities of a Sponsorship License holder.


Home Office visits will be made to the sponsor’s business premises and may be scheduled or unscheduled. In order to ensure compliance, sponsors should be prepared to produce documentation in evidence of their compliance at any point throughout the Sponsorship License term.


The Inspector conducting a visit will report on an evaluation of the record keeping, reporting and immigration status monitoring controls amongst other criteria for inspection. A mock audit is the optimal way to ensure preparation and protection from the implications of an unplanned inspection visit.



Common Reasons for Sponsor License Compliance Visit Failures:


Sponsors may fail to successfully pass the Home Office inspection visit for a variety of reasons, including:


  • Records reflecting that the License holder is seconding migrant workers to a third party
  • Inability of the License holder to provide documentation of present and past contact details for all migrant workers
  • Inability to demonstrate sufficient records showing attendance records, documentation tracking and record-keeping as pertaining to migrant workers
  • Failure to update the status of migrant workers
  • Failure to provide accurate and up to date information as to the location of the premises from which migrant workers are employed
  • Inability to evidence that Residence Labour Market Testing (RLMT) has been carried out for positions filled by migrant workers
  • Failure to demonstrate robust procedures in place to management the leave of migrant workers



Services Provided During a Mock Immigration Audit:


  • Provision of advice and practical measures to ensure systems are robust
  • Careful assessment of the company and practises covering all applicable checks
  • Verification of the information provided on the Sponsorship License Application
  • Review of record keeping systems and monitoring files, including personnel files, of all sponsored migrants
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Advice about how to successfully implement improvement recommendations

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